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Method Quick Check

Which methods do you find most interesting or useful? Read the short method descriptions and choose your top three intuitively at the bottom of this page.

We know that this is a bit of a longer read – take notes regarding your favourite methods so that you won’t forget anything. 😉

Agile Methods

Agile Methods support you and your team to work better in a dynamic environment.

AGILE VALUES: Transforming the way you work is not an easy task. At the heart lies a shared set of values. Agility is first and foremost a mindset that needs to be fostered before (new) agile processes can really take off and elevate your teamwork to the next level. So let’s foster that mindset! 

RETROSPECTIVE: Look at the past to reflect which learnings you want to take with you into the future.

Curiosity Methods

The curiosity methods increase the curiosity in your organization. This allows for more innovative solutions which in return positively influences motivation and performance within your company.

TROIKA CONSULTING: This method from the world of Liberating Structures encourages you to listen while other people discuss solutions to your problem. This way you are able to get advice effectively and allow yourself to be surprised by letting in new perspectives.

QUESTION STORMING: Questions, questions, questions. One question often has a group of others hidden behind it. To find true answers and work together productively as a team, it is important to find out which of these questions have to be answered first.

Future Methods

Those who understand the dynamics shaping the future can begin to create desirable futures themselves.

MEGATREND PANORAMA: Collect signals that show how a selected megatrend affects different areas of the world. This way, you will gain a 360 degree perspective on a megatrend in order to find starting points for developing your own concepts and initial approaches to innovations. 

MEGATREND LEADERSHIP: Megatrend your organization: What if a megatrend were to lead your company? Check in which areas you are already a trend pioneer and in which areas you can still become one.

People & Culture

The most important variable shaping an organization is the individual. Therefore, it is the individual that stands at the core of the method cluster People & Culture which focuses on improving interaction, rituals and work culture.

CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT: Oldie but goldie: an informal check-in can function as an official kickoff for the day. Equally important for a good team spirit is putting your proverbial pencil down at the end of the day with a group check-out.

DELEGATION POKER: Clarity and liability through intuitive responsibilities: learn how to start an open dialogue about different levels of delegation within your team and reorganize processes where it is necessary.

KUDOS: Create a positive work atmosphere where every team member feels seen and valued.

SUPERHERO & SUPERVILLAIN: Successful teams include both their team members’ strengths and weaknesses. Open communication from the beginning helps to successfully overcome challenges later on.

USER MANUAL: What makes you tick? We know ourselves pretty well but can find it quite hard sometimes to understand others. Therefore, it can help to be more explicit to avoid conflicts or misunderstandings when working together. A user manual is an easy way to explain your work style to others. And who knows; while creating it, you might learn a thing or two about yourself along the way.


A good warmup is often responsible for creating a good and relaxed atmosphere as well as setting the right mood to work together.

GALLERY OF PASSIONS: More than just a warmup: Gallery of Passions allows you to transform a personal passion into a corporate resource. With this method, you increase the innovative power in the company by having employees contribute their uniqueness more strongly. The playful integration into the corporate context reveals the entrepreneurial potential of personal talents and passions. And along the way, you get to know each other better as a team.

Rewe Future Journey Alumni Method Quick Check

Rewe Future Journey Alumni Method Quick Check

Read the short method descriptions and choose the three methods you believe to be most useful for your work (or that you are most curious about).

Your top three