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Read through the short descriptions of the megatrends and then select the 3 most important (Top) and the 2 least relevant (Flop) megatrends for your company.

Megatrend Individualisierung

INDIVIDUALISATION: The way we live today is a question of creating the lifestyle we want to pursue. Wherever we look – from selfie culture to 3D printing to mass customization – the digital economy promotes the process of individualization. At the same time a new sense of community between like-minded people emerges.

Megatrend New Work

NEW WORK: In the economy of the future, creative work will have a larger share than ever before. Cooperation and innovation are at the center of a new work culture that does not differentiate between private and business life (work-life-matching). Agility and the startup culture are essential factors of success.

Megatrend Neo-Ökologie

NEO-ECOLOGY: Sustainability becomes a common standard. A growing energy demand and the resulting global warming are calling for change. Growth needs to be disconnected from resource consumption. New approaches regard the economy as circulatory.

Megatrend Wissenskultur

KNOWLEDGE CULTURE: Knowledge is the fuel of our creative society; its value and demand are rising. Education is becoming more democratic (online tutorials, peer-to-peer learning), more playful (gamification) and more creative (learning journeys).

Megatrend Gesundheit

HEALTH: For most people, health is the most important value, and its significance is rising in the face of aging societies. Mental health (mindfulness) is becoming even more important than physical health. Digital tools (self-tracking) support people in their personal responsibility.

Megatrend Globalisierung

GLOBALISATION: The world is growing together. Emerging markets give rise to a young and globally oriented middle class and enormous consumer markets. This is paralleled by a process of glocalization: an innovative connection between local and global aspects in all areas of society.

Megatrend Gender Shift

GENDER SHIFT: Old role models disappear and with them traditional structures are breaking up. No matter what a person’s gender – everyone is striving for a career. Hence, everyday life is increasingly a matter of outsourcing: cleaning services or delivery drivers are only the start of an ever growing service economy.

Megatrend Urbanisierung

URBANISATION: According to UN calculations, two thirds of the worldwide population will be living in cities in the year 2050. Cities provide the educated with universities and jobs. They are growing bigger and more crowded but also more intelligent (smart cities) and greener than ever before (urban farming).

Megatrend Sicherheit

SECURITY: A connected world offers more possibilities but also more dangers. Cars can be hacked, identities be stolen, and privacy violated. A rising need for security of all kinds opens up new markets.

Megatrend Konnektivität

CONNECTIVITY: The „Internet of Things” connects not information but physical objects to one another, like washing machines to smartphones. Big Data applications and artificial intelligence lead to new innovative breakthroughs.

Megatrend Mobilität

MOBILITY: „Always on the run” is our society’s underlying principle. Mobile Commerce and on-demand services are booming. Developments like car sharing, autonomous driving and drone logistics lead to an explosion of options for consumers.

Megatrend Silver Society

SILVER SOCIETY: People are growing older in years, but younger in behavior. Its our image of old age that is outdated. Tomorrow’s Forever Youngsters use their retirement to keep on working, studying or to travel.

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